Maximilian Genealogy New Server

Posted on Feb 21, 2008

We are today transferring core components of this site to a new high spec server. This is as a result of continued growth and popularity of all the resources, but mainly the old Sample Database & main 2008 Database. Over 5000+ Unique hits a day are currently being seen and are continuing to grow.

In order to rationalise our service the old Sample Database has been taken down as you can have access to all the 147000+ people by signing up for a no obligation 7 day Free Trial. Many decide to pay the one off life time subscription and we hope you will do so as well?

The new 2008 version of the database is overflowing with images , Google Maps, Biographies of the Rich, Famous, Royals going back centuries and from all over the World.

Why not use it just as a history reference if you don't want to use it for your genealogy?

If you want to sign up now follow this link.:


Maximilian Genealogy Database 2008

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