Subscription Database soon to be bigger

Posted on Jun 16, 2007

Maximilian Genealogy is currently working on a major upgrade to its ever popular subscription database.




Google Maps now form part of the database. A selection can be viewed in the Sample Db And Subscribers will see 100's added over time, to the existing and future versions.

There is also a free search facility to the new Version 7 Db which is now online. The "LIVE" database is now available to existing subscribers.  Join now before the price goes up!

It currently has over 84000 people with 6000 images notes, histories and many unique features.

The upgrade is now completed and is under test and has over 147000 people.

It is anticipated that the one-off subscription fee of £19.95 will be increased during the summer, so why not join up now and beat the rush and the higher price.

Check out the free sample tree or free search facilitis on the site to see more.

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